7 Last Minute Holiday Ad Tips to Help Your Business Close Out the Year Strong


More than 85% of consumers will shop online this holiday season according to research firm NPD. As the year pushes to close, you can help your business reach those consumers by ensuring your ad campaigns are performing at their best. We put together a list of tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your year-end ad spend. 

  1. Control Your Ad Bids. You want to be sure you’re reaching your most valuable consumers this time of year. To do that, you should take advantage of bid modifiers. These advanced controls let you bid more for a customer in a particular location, with particular attributes, or in a particular context.
  2. Watch the Weather. Is the weather outside frightful? You can use weather targeting tools to specifically target based on weather conditions in the zip codes or DMAs you might be targeting. If you’re advertising for in-person retail, for example, you can ensure you aren’t bidding in the middle of a big winter snowstorm! 
  3. Create Social Interactive Ads. It’s hard to get a consumer’s attention online these days, but the right creative can catch a customer’s eye and convert to a sale. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use your familiar social media posts to create interactive ads. With tools like LDM’s Social Ad Builder, you can use your existing social posts on Facebook and Instagram as your ad creative to save money and boost engagement. 
  4. Offer Free Shipping. Nearly half of customers consider free shipping when they choose where to buy from. If your customers see the offer for free shipping after they click your ad, they may be more likely to buy from you. You might even consider making the offer directly in the ad creative to increase your CTR.  
  5. Embrace the Emotion. Customers are more likely to respond and remember your ad if they can connect to a specific emotion. Using video or connected TV ads can help increase this likelihood of connecting authentically with your customers. Even in display ads, you can use specific colors to help evoke certain emotions you want to convey. 
  6. Pace Yourself. Pay attention to the pacing of your year-end campaigns, making sure your ad spend averages out across the days with most impact. You can also use day-parting to ensure you’re reaching customers only during the times and days they’re more likely to see your ad. 
  7. Stay Positive.  The right brand safety and natural language processing tools can ensure your message is only appearing next to articles or content with positive emotional sentiment. You want your brand to be remembered and recalled within a positive context, rather than a negative or neutral one. 

The end of the year is a great time to look back on the successes you’ve had so far and look forward to make a plan to reach all your goals in 2022. If you need help finishing your year-end campaigns out strong, or if you’re looking for a partner to superpower your ad campaigns next year, reach out to us at [email protected].

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