A Look Into Mailcon


Our Logiq Consumer Marketplace team recently traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, to attend Mailcon. Mailcon convention is a “global community that connects marketing professionals with the latest technology, trends, and strategies in email marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, and mobile and omnichannel marketing.” We caught up with Toni Bounds, VP of Reengagement, to see her take on the convention and how Logiq is thriving in the space.

Tell me a bit about what you do?

We monitor deliverability,  maintain brand reputation, and email monetization. We also  focus on all our owned and operated brands (Simple Home Quotes, Easy Solar Savings, Policy Guru, Astrology Nova, The Daily Cable, etc.).

What are some of the biggest takeaways from Mailcon?

It should be no shock that inbox engagement drives deliverability and increases customer longevity. That’s why it’s extremely important to continue investing time into testing (new campaigns, systems, etc) to keep your email list engaged. Many of the speakers provided real-life examples of how they use engagement campaigns, which was extremely helpful in brainstorming campaign ideas for our internal brands.

What do you think other people should know about marketing right now? Do you have any advice for people who are entering this space?

Invest in understanding your audience; personalization is key! The email landscape is constantly changing and growing. Users are forced to shuffle through advertisements, junk & ‘actual’ useful mail in their inbox. That is why we as marketers need to discover new & unique ways to distinguish ourselves.

We must make our content stand out. How can we do this? Personalization! Send users what they want and need. It would help if you always were capturing and utilizing the new data coming in from your campaigns. (e.g. sending a newsletter out with several topics or offers to understand what performs best). If the user clicks on the subject line  ‘What homeowners should know before making any home renovations’… you should be tagging that user as such. Then you can send them relevant content/offers related to their interests. The more engaged a user is, the more valuable they are to your overall program.

Lastly, keep up with current trends and industry talk. You should be connecting with industry experts and leveraging your network. For example: Are you experiencing a deliverability issue within your email program? Did your delivery rate for (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. inbox provider) drop significantly overnight? You may not be the only one having this issue. The forums are quick to bring industry disturbances to light and share recommendations for proceeding.

How do you think Logiq is thriving in this space?

We take pride in generating quality leads! We only send users who explicitly show an interest and opt-in to our brands. Clean your list.  We then run all addresses through an email validation process before adding them to our list. The first email to a new user is essential! Sending to invalid email addresses can quickly tarnish your deliverability (IP, Domain, brand reputation, etc). So start strong.

We have a team of detail-oriented people! We love our data. To succeed in the email game, you need to analyze your deliverability and sending stats (e.g. Campaign, Segment, ESP, IPs, Inbox Provider, etc.) every day. You need to be hands-on and know your data. For example, are you seeing changes in open rates or click rates? Have you seen a spike in bounces, complaints, or unsubscribers? Review these stats and keep up on the data.

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

We are looking forward to growing our overall email program & strategy! We want to execute new ideas, new brands, new offers, and new industry partners. We are also taking our personalization to the next level with a new strategy, finding new and unique ways to leverage and build upon our data to give customers the best experience possible.

We are learning new trends, preparing new strategies, and entirely investing in our audiences. With 2022 just kickstarting, Mailcon has helped Logiq enter the new year strong! To find out more, contact us!

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