How “Computer Vision” Can Help Deliver a Better Contextual Solution


While the cookieless future has had everyone in digital advertising diving into how context can help marketers reach the right audiences, it’s just the first step of the customer acquisition puzzle. In order to make context a truly powerful targeting solution, advertisers will need to enable the right combination of technologies to be fully effective.

One of those technologies is called “computer vision.” This technology is able to scan the entirety of a digital media environment, giving clues as to the other elements on a page beyond just the article text. When paired with natural language processing power, this kind of tech enables a more precise understanding of overall context, by combining text, imagery, audio, and video clues.

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is an emerging field of artificial intelligence studies that aims to help computers visually understand everything a human can see. Just like a human can take in a variety of visual information and make sense of it, the field of computer vision has been creating new ways for computers and algorithms to ingest, process, and successfully analyze that same visual information to help make better decisions.

This is an increasingly important technology in advertising, as it can be used to better understand user behavior and overall page context, ensuring ads only appear in brand-safe and accessible environments.

How Can I Use Computer Vision in Advertising?

To enable this innovative technology, Logiq Digital Marketing has integrated Verity by GumGum into its all-in-one platform. Verity is the first independent advertising technology provider to be accredited for content-level technology by the Media Rating Council. 

“Accounting for context has proven to be a superior targeting method, especially compared to using third-party cookies,” said William Merchan, head of Verity at GumGum in a recent press release. In fact, a study by Dentsu reported on the efficiency of contextual targeting versus behavioral and found that GumGum’s Verity solution showed a cost-per-click that was 48% lower than the behaviorally targeted ads studied.

Advanced All-In-One Access

Marketers that use the Logiq Digital Marketing Platform have easy access to all these tools that have traditionally only been available for larger enterprise platforms. “We continue to break that paradigm with this GumGum partnership,” said Manny Puentes, president of Logiq Digital Marketing. “Our platform is designed to provide interoperability with the industry’s leading solutions that our clients rely upon.”

Digital marketing agencies and brands can use the LDM platform to add contextual intelligence to their e-commerce marketing campaigns, enabling them to better assess the value of their digital ad placements. The platform’s contextual tools also help protect marketers from bidding on content that has negative sentiment, or themes that don’t align with a brand’s core values.

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