Why Engagement May Be the Most Important Metric for Your Business


In a cookieless world, businesses need to be even smarter about their customer acquisition and marketing efforts. One effective way to achieve this is to better understand your customers with engagement-based segmentation strategies.

Though it can take time to get results, this type of strategy provides longer-term effectiveness and has been shown to increase conversions by up to 200%. Engagement segmentation works by examining user behavior on your site and segmenting user groups based on certain rules.

These rules combine to help predict future user activity and intent. This allows for the creation of “softer” signals compared to “hard” actions like “Add to Cart.” These kind of signals can help smaller companies finally create effective, granular remarketing and lookalikes, despite having a smaller scale.

Why Engagement Signals Matter

By tracking the right engagement signals, you can turbocharge your marketing efforts and increase your conversions and sales. Here are just a few reasons to track engagement signals:

How Engagement is Measured on Your Site

When a user first lands on a page that contains the tag, the tag begins tracking their engagement with the page’s content. As the user interacts with page content—by reading, scrolling, zooming, or clicking for instance—they are marked as ‘Engaged’ and then eventually ‘Highly Engaged’.

This creates a powerful database of customer information that can be used for retargeting and remarketing, ensuring you curate the customers most likely to make a purchase.

What Kind of Engagement Signals to Look For

Once an engagement tracking tag is placed on your site, you can start understanding user activity on every page that contains the tag. For each device that visits your site, the tag reports behavior that indicates user engagement with page content. This can include activity like:

Using Engagement to Retarget and Remarket

After creating segments for your most engaged users, you can then create more detailed retargeting rules to ensure your ad spend goes toward the customers most likely to make a sale.

Your engagement tracking combined with the right retargeting technology can make your marketing spend go further than ever before, especially for companies looking to grow their business.

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