The Benefits of Geofencing


If you’ve ever wondered why, as you’re walking past a shoe store you get an ad from that exact store stating, “buy one pair, get one half off!” the answer to this coincidence is most likely Geofencing. Geofencing uses location-based services to trigger a marketed transaction instead of frequencies (RFID, Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data) used by Apps and software. These actions can include text, email, social media advertisement, and more. 

Why Geofencing

Geofencing has many exciting factors and benefits. The main ones being better targeting, cost-effectiveness, and increased engagement.

Today, marketers use geofencing for brand applications, social media, web ads, and more. They’re mixing it with other marketing strategies such as contextual marketing, SEO, and video advertising to get even more benefits. In short, companies looking for a cost-effective tool to target audiences and increase engagement have found Geo-fencing to be another great addition to their marketing toolbox.

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