How (and Why) to Use Contextual Targeting in CTV, OTT, and Online Video


More and more advertisers are shifting their media budgets to online video and digital TV. In fact, eMarketer recently reported that incremental spending on programmatic connected TV (CTV) video ads will increase to $2.37 billion in 2021. The IAB’s “2021 Marketplace Outlook Survey Results,” also reports a 21% shift in ad budgets from linear TV to digital video.

As advertisers change where they’re investing their ad dollars, they’re also investing in the sophisticated tools they need to reach their customers in the right places and in a brand-safe environment. Context – the ability to understand the topic and the sentiment of a piece of content – is becoming an even more powerful signal to ingest and understand, so buyers can reach the right audiences in online video and TV. 

But where can buyers start? We’ve put together an easy guide walking you through some of the latest products available in the CTV and context space.

The Best Solutions for Understanding Context in CTV

One of the unique tools being used today is provided by IRIS.TV, a leading video data platform. The product uses a unique global identifier (the IRIS_ID) that is assigned to individual videos to provide contextual and brand safety information about that piece of content. This video-level data is verified by preferred data providers from top publishers across all distribution platforms, from Apple TV to Samsung TV.

When paired with a powerful media buying solution, like the Logiq Digital Marketing platform, this data can be used to make smarter ad buying decisions – before ever placing a bid. Ad buyers can determine they only want to bid against content about cooking, for instance, or any other specific category of content, and the platform will only send through a bid when the context of the video or CTV show relates to that topic.

Why Use Context Tools in CTV?

This smart buying approach helps advertisers reach more of their target customers and makes their ad buys more efficient. The data also helps give greater transparency and performance metrics in the streaming video space, so marketers can really know where their ads are running.

“Video-level transparency is critical to all advertisers to grow their brand,” said Field Garthwaite, CEO and Co-founder, IRIS.TV, in a press release announcing the partnership with both companies.

The product also ensures video content is brand safe, so buyers ensure their ads only appear next to high-quality content

Affordable & Transparent Video Ad Buying

to the largest brands, Logiq Digital Marketing lets advertisers of all sizes access its powerful suite of ad buying tools – all at a transparent price. By integrating the suite of IRIS.TV data, the LDM platform brings another sophisticated tool to every marketer.

“The partnership with IRIS.TV provides more visibility and access for marketers that did not have the budget and opportunity to leverage these opportunities prior,” said Manny Puentes, president, Logiq Digital Marketing.

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