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First-Party Consumer Data Collection

• Multichannel Consumer Acquisition

• Diverse Portfolio of O&O Brands

• Custom Engagement Experiences

Multipoint Enrichment and Scoring

• Referenceable Pools of 1st Party Data

 • High-Quality Data Partnerships

• In House M.L. Algorithms and Insights

Re-Engagement and Reactivation

• Additional Intent & Target Parameters

• Online Activation – Digital Marketing

• Offline activation using email and SMS

First Party Consumer Data Collection

The successful pairing of a high intent consumer with a satisfied service provider is our goal. The end-to-end engagement funnels we create ensures that every profile we deliver is engaged and intending to act. This creates a harmonious solution for all parties involved, Logiq, our clients, and our engaged consumers as prospects, leads, or sales.

Multipoint Enrichment and Quality Scoring

Holding the data we capture to a high standard is critical for client and consumer satisfaction. We ensure consumer intent through a variety of means, ranging from highly specialized consumer acquisition targeting through quality filtering on profile distribution. We match captured data against 1st and 3rd party datasets to establish confidence in the data we distribute to our clients while maintaining the highest quality standards for our ocean of 1st party data.

Consumer Re-engagement and Reactivation

Once we engage a consumer, we strive to maintain a connection with that consumer to build a continuous map of their intent for future engagement. Through an omnichannel approach, we are able to consistently refresh the digitally targetable parameters of a consumer. These consumers can then be easily accessed by our clients through the Logiq Digital Marketing interface. In addition, this ongoing engagement allows us to further explore a consumer’s intention and interests over time to provide additional monetization opportunities.

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