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Context is Everywhere!

Without it, messaging goes nowhere.

Using the power of Logiq’s Digital Marketing platform, guide your digital ad campaigns to success by combining content signals and consumer sentiment.

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Understanding contextual signals.

Beyond the lines.

Leverage the situational signals of your audience’s location, weather, date, and time to reach the ones most likely to be your next customers.

Precise latitude / longitude based Geofencing to target a consumer in real time or 30 day history

Date and Time of Day constraints and Real time Weather tageting


Natural language processing.

It sees all … all so well.

Natural language processors, machine learning, and neural networks derive the linguistic and semantic context from every impression of media where your ad might appear.

Over 1.3 Billion pages of media scanned per day

Media classifications refreshed every 24 Hours

Upload up to 10 Thousand contextual keywords per context category

Real-Time assessment of context not already cached

Beyond the domain, Page-Specific classification

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Sentiment analyzer.

Read the room.

Understand the audience’s sentiment toward a piece of content to assess it’s value.

Understand the likelihood of content to go Viral

Know the positive, neutral, and negative Reactions


Contextual Analyzers.

The Medium is the Message.

Our advanced contextual analyzers ingest the different forms of media
that are rendered in today’s digital landscape.

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Brand safety.

Choose wisely.

From safety to suitability, protect your brand’s image wherever your ads are served.

Industry and custom standards applied in pre-bid auction to guide bid evaluation

Seemingly seemless.

How it all comes together.

Our Digital Marketing platform was built to work with the advertising industry’s “best of the best” solutions in a unified experience. This enabes your marketing to leap from idea to results.


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Preparation meets opportunity.

Results and information.


How to Use Context in Your Ad Buys to Reach Better Customers

The right ad seen at the right time can make all the difference when it comes to generating sales.

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