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Bridging the Gap Between Brands and Consumers

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Bridging the gap between brands and consumers

Comprehensive Consumer Profiles

We provide rich consumer profiles across a variety of popular verticals and means of intent. Expand your consumer base through both live feeds and historical data access.

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Enriched Audience Targeting

Build custom audiences for advertising using our deep pool of consumer intelligence. Assemble these audiences using hundreds of potential points of consumer interest.

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Sponsored Brand Advertising

Leverage our engaged audiences to boost your bottom line. Promote your products on top-tier content sites through direct placements and sponsored content.

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we enable meaningful consumers connections
Logiq’s consumer monetization platform connects traffic and data providers with interested brands. Our internally operated data engine captures and directs consumer intent to promote engagement and conversion.


Purchase Consumer Profiles, Audiences, and Advertising

Logiq connects your brand with engagement-ready consumers through:

  • Consumer Profile Pools
  • Remarketing Audiences
  • Sponsored Ad Opportunities
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Sell, Publish, or Monetize Traffic

Logiq enriches and monetizes your consumer data and traffic through:

  • Direct Sale to a Variety of Brands
  • Multipoint Enrichment and Behavioral Audience Assembly
  • Branded Content Engagement
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