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Emerging Markets Report: The Right Place at the Right Time

New Development by Logiq Allows Companies to Deliver Customer Ads with Hyper Local Identification

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ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When we began to follow and publish about Logiq, Inc. (NEO: LGIQ) (OTCQX: LGIQ) , a global, award-winning developer of e-commerce and fintech solutions, it wasn’t their tech that first caught our eye.

It was their deals.

Truth is, we see a lot of great tech… we generally choose not to cover average offerings… but what we see most often is great tech with big, optimistic plans. What we don’t always see, maybe even see often, are deals at scale for said tech.

But not with Logiq who cuts deals with massive clients like say, government entities in Indonesia. (See news feed for current examples. )

But today it’s an advent to their tech which we find interesting. The combination of really smart tech and these audiences could be super impactful.

But we’re burying the lead a little here. Let’s get into this new tech we’ve teased so far.

Ok, on September 23, Logiq dropped pre-market news that “it has expanded its Logiq Digital Marketing™ (LDM) platform to include geofencing-based targeting.”

And this is what is compelling about that declaration:

“Unlike traditional geotargeting that restricts digital ads to audiences in a particular zip code, city, state or country, geofencing is a custom defined area that can outline the boundaries around a particular store, mall, or other physical venue. The technology enables geofencing by using the latitude and longitude coordinates of a consumer digital device, such as a connected TV, smartphone, tablet or PC, to determine their location.”

So now Logiq can target customers in a location as hyper local as a single store. You could be in a shoe store and Logiq can serve you an ad for the latest offering from a leading shoe brand or what the store wants to move more of.

Also, check out this note from the same release:

“This solution gives marketers significantly greater precision and personalization in the message they deliver to consumers based upon the context derived from visiting a geofenced region. Marketers can deliver a customized message to such consumers in real time, whereas many traditional solutions require marketers to wait a week or more for a newly defined segment to be populated with consumer data. LDM also enables marketers to target consumers who have been in a particular location up to 30 days in the past.”

See where this is going?

Imagine Mr. or Mrs. Shopper (not their real names) visited the aforementioned shoe store. Let’s call it “ Shoe-La-La .” (props if you get the reference.)

They come in on September 1 and look around but don’t buy. Toward the end of the month our shopper returns to the finest hypothetical shoe store in Scranton and immediately the ad server recognizes their presence and remembers the previous visit.

It drops a customized ad to them with perhaps a store-wide coupon or a special on a sku with much deeper inventory. The shopper is perhaps motivated by this new and very personal nudge delivered in the RIGHT PLACE at THE RIGHT TIME.

By the way, we were relieved to confirm that this all happens without infringing on their privacy or ever accessing their Personally Identifying Information (PII).

Instead, what Logiq now can offer is a game-changer for its clients and perhaps even better, the exact benefit a shopper needs to become a customer.

For more information, visit https://logiq.com/

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