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Digital advertising technology simplified.

Logiq Digital Marketing.


Our all-in-one data, AI, and media buying platform lets you focus on connecting with your future customers, not technologies.

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Data Personified.

Logiq’s Digital Marketing platform ingests critical data about your future customers and immediately transforms it into actionable marketing insights. Incorporate and access the data that will illustrate who your customers are, and how best to reach them.

Custom pixel and event generator for 1st party data management and ad attribution
Integrated access to leading data enrichment sources
No reliance upon 3rd party cookies

Get more personalized data

A sight for sore eyes

and music to your ears.

Your future customers are consuming media across a multitude of visual and auditory experiences. With Logiq, your message can travel along their journey.

Connected TV, Audio, Native, Mobile, Display

Access to the top 40 SSP’s

Leading audio including Pandora and Soundcloud

Quality sites/apps, screened by stringent Brand Safety tech

Access more custom media touch points

The mathematics of intelligence.

All your data and insight are applied to the milliseconds of decision-making that matters in programmatic advertising.

Seemingly seemless.

How it all comes together.

Our Digital Marketing platform was built to work with the advertising industry’s “best of the best” solutions in a unified experience. This enabes your marketing to leap from idea to results.


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Simple pricing, transparent billing.

Advertising technology costs can be complex and feel unpredictable. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We charge a competitive upfront rate and provide you with the detailed reporting and controls to know and manage how your budget is being spent.

Bid-level reporting
Bid price and win price transparency
Flat rate pricing

Preparation meets opportunity.

We love it when a plan comes together.

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